General Sales Conditions


1.1 The Seller offers products for purchase on These e-commerce services are exclusively available to users, explicitly Consumers, that reside within the European Union territories.

1.2 “Consumer” is exclusively defined as any person purchasing for purposes outside their professional activities. Non-consumers are requested to refrain from purchasing products from and any other affiliated site.

1.3 The Seller has the right to refrain from honouring orders from any party they consider to be “non-Consumers”, in debt to the company, or in any other conflict with the Sales Policy.

1.4 The following Sales Terms and Conditions, along with additional documents cited within, regulate the offer, transmission, and acceptance of sales orders concerning the products available on and any other affiliated site.

1.5 The following Sales Terms and Conditions do not regulate service provision or product sales by third parties whose digital advertising (I.e banners, links, etc.) is present on the website. Before ordering products or purchasing services from any third party, the Seller advises that Consumers verify the third party’s terms and conditions, as they are not responsible for services or products offered by third parties, and transactions between Consumers utilising the and third parties.



1. Range of Application

1.1 The present general online sales conditions (General Conditions) are applied to all sales contracts between Slamp S.p.A., located on Via Vaccareccia 12/14, Pomezia (RM), known as The Company, and the Consumer, as defined in the Codice Consumo (Decreto Legislativo n. 206/2005, art. 3) as a physical person (User) digitally purchasing products on (Website) for non-professional or commercial purposes.

1.2 The Consumer must read and accept the General Conditions upon purchasing products.

1.3 The Consumer must accept and respect the General Conditions on the Website. Without accepting said conditions, products from the Website cannot be purchased.

1.4 The General Conditions and subsequent sale are available and applied exclusively to Consumers residing within the European Union territories.

2. Modifications to the General Conditions

2.1 The Company reserves the right to modify the General Conditions, above all for legal compliance, technical motives, adaptation to the Company’s sales models, or to better protect the rights of both Parties. The most current version of the General Conditions will be published on the Website, and directly applies to orders placed at the precise moment.

3. Creating an account

3.1 To purchase products from the Website, the first time User must create an account on the Website, providing credentials that will be used for future navigation and orders. To place an order, this personal account is necessary.

3.2 To create an account on the Website, the User must (i) completely and correctly fill in the registration form (including but not limited to first name, last name, email, and selected password), (ii) confirm that they’ve read and understood Privacy Information on the Website, as well as other possible consent, and (iii) confirm their registration.

3.3 While creating their Website account, the User accepts to keep their personal credentials private, never communicating the information to third parties. The User will keep their password private with their best effort, and will advise the Company via written notice should their account or credentials be utilised without authorisation, as per the contact information provided in Art. 16, with a detailed description of the event and a photocopy of a government-issued identity card or passport.

3.4 Registering on the Website is free under the conditions that (i) the User pays their own internet connection to connect to the Website, respecting the costs and conditions set out by their provider, (ii) the User’s purchase is properly paid in a timely manner to the Company.

3.5 The User will receive a confirmation email to the address provided during registration.

3.6 The User can eliminate their account at any time by sending an email to company using the contacts provided in Art. 16. When this communication has been received, any and every contractual relationship between the User and the Company, save pending orders placed before cancellation, are considered terminated, and username and passwords will be cancelled.

4. Post-purchase

4.1 Upon choosing products and placing them in the cart, the User retains the right to change the cart’s content, or eliminate the order.

4.2 Placing an order on the Website signifies an official sales contract concerning said products with the Company, governed by the General Conditions (Contract), expressing the User’s consent and agreement of mentioned contract.

4.3 The User must confirm personal information and contact details before placing their order. Erred information can be corrected by modifying the profile on the Website. Orders containing erred information cannot be eliminated after the order has been confirmed. The User can request a formal return and reimbursement only after receiving the order.

4.4 As soon as the User’s order has been placed, the Company will send an email of confirmation, Confirmed Receipt, with order details. The Confirmed Receipt represents a confirmed purchase.

4.5 The User must keep the order number presented in the Confirmed Receipt for eventual and further communications with the Company.

5. Product Selection

5.1 The User can only purchase products from the catalogue published on the Web Site, available at the time they’ve been selected. The Company retains the right to periodically update the product catalogue, meaning that certain models and/or colours are not permanent and may not be available from update to update.

5.2 Every product comes with a detailed technical description. Due to digital deformation on the User’s devices, the product images and colours on the Web Site may not match the physical product, but represent reality to a tolerable level.

5.3 Products on the Web Site can be sold as long as they’re in stock. The moment the User has selected a product that is no longer in stock, the Company will notify them using their provided email address (given during User registration). Should the product be permanently removed from the catalogue, the Company will propose contract resolution by reimbursing payments, including eventual shipping costs as they apply.

5.4 The products offered are not of Medical nature, and are not medically certified other than the certification specifically noted in the product’s technical details.

6. Product pricing

6.1 All prices are in EUROS and include the Italian IVA (VAT).

6.2 Prices applied to the User’s orders are those published online at the time of purchase. Eventual variations may be made without notice, and the User must verify the final price before confirming the purchase of their order.

6.3 All prices on the Web Site do not include shipping or additional accessories costs.

6.4 Should the price change after ordering, the User can rescind on the purchase within 24 hours of the communication of price change, requesting a reimbursement from Slamp S.p.A.

7. Payments, Invoices, Reimbursement

7.1 The User can pay using the following: all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., and PayPal.

7.2 For any User purchase on the Web Site, the Company will send a payment receipt along with a detailed order confirmation.

7.3 The Company can deny orders should the previously stated payment methods be denied.

7.4 Any reimbursement from the Company and the User will be made using the same initial payment method and timing.

8. Product shipping and delivery

8.1 All products purchased on the Web Site will be delivered to the address provided when the User creates an account on the Web Site, or when purchasing a product, acknowledging the possibility of up to 30 day delay in delivery.

8.2 The moment the products reach the delivery service, the User will receive an mail from the Company specifying the precise courier, stipulated delivery time, and tracking code, so that the User can track their order (Shipping Confirmation). The delivery date corresponds to that provided by the Courier.

8.3 Products can only be shipped within European Union territories. Shipping times are not extricably tied to the Company.

8.4 The Company can deliver multiple products in separate instances with possible delay if each shipped product can be used individually. In this case, the Company is responsible for any additional shipping costs. In every case, partial delivery is valid and the User may not refuse the shipment or ask for refunds or damages.

8.5 Upon delivery, the User must ensure that the (i) number of packages corresponds to the Delivery documentation, (ii) the packaging is intact, unopened, and damage-free. In the case of any alterations or damage, the User must immediately refuse the delivery with a report, or accept the delivery with a report on corresponding documentation. The User must also advise the Company of said damage and report within 8 days of the incident by contacting Customer Service.

9. Delayed Deliveries

9.1 Whenever a Purchase has been confirmed and one of the Company’s providers hasn’t delivered the Users ordered components or products within the Company’s stated time period, the maximum product delivery time is 60 days from the purchase order confirmation.

9.2 In compliance with art. 61 of the Codice del Consumo, in the case that the Company doesn’t deliver an order within agreed terms or the time period stated within 9.1, the User has the right to request a delivery date and time within a supplementary period. Should the supplementary delivery time expire, the User retains the right to request a full reimbursement for payments made to Slamp S.p.A.

10. Product Returns

10.1 In the event that the Courier is unable to deliver products due to User absence, they will keep the products in their warehouse until the User is able to pick them up, or delivery attempts have been exhausted, all within the Courier’s determined period. If products are not delivered or picked up within that period, they will be returned to the Company. Given said events, the Contract is officially concluded, and as stated in art. 1456 of the Codice Civile, the Company will notify the User by email that the order has been cancelled. The Company will reimburse the product price, excluding shipment costs (if sent and denied from the correct User address) and eventual damages, within 15 days.

10.2 Following the communication noted in 10.1, the User must request the same products with a new order, unless the Company recognises, case by case, the need to resend the order.

11. User confirms and guarantees

11.1 The User confirms and guarantees:

11.1.1 to legitimately respect and live up to the present General Conditions;

11.1.2 to be a legal adult;

11.1.3 that all personal information provided to the Company during registration is true, correct and updated. The Company reserves the right to verify said information at any time, through any method, asking the User to provide updated documents should need be, and retains the right to suspend or cancel a User account when then see fit.

11.1.4 to use the Website in compliance with applicable laws and provisions, avoiding any use of the site that does not comply with said laws or provisions, the present General Conditions, or laws applying to third parties.

11. 2 The User will do their best to exclude the Company from any action or expense that may make them liable for events related to the confirmation and guarantee stated in sub-articles contained within art. 11.1. The Company reserves the right to immediately dissolve the Contract, as per art. 1456 of the Codice Civile should they suspect violation of said articles.

12. Legal Conformity Guarantee

12.1 Products sold and properly paid for on the Website have a legal conformity guarantee as stated in art. 128 et seq of the Codice del Consumo (“Garanzia Legale”).

12.2 The Company must deliver products established in the Contract to the User.

12.3 The Company is responsible for any product deformity from the time the product is delivered to the User up to 24 months after delivery date. The User relinquishes their right to Legal Guarantee if they do not notify the Company within 60 days of noticing the product deformity. The User must notify Customer Service, as detailed in art. 15, and provide a precise description of deformities or malfunction. Customer Service will respond to the User with instructions on how to send the damaged product back to the Company, free of charge. The Company retains the right to request proof of purchase when the User ships the defective product in order to honour the Legal Guarantee.

12.4 The User, at their own discretion, can request that the Company repair or replace the damaged or defective product with incurring any costs as long as the request is possible and not outside reasonable parameters.

12.7 As soon as the Company receives the product and verifies the deformity or defect, the Company assumes all responsibility for shipping, repair and/or replacement costs. Should the company determine that the damage or defects are non in line with the User’s reported details, or that the request does not fall under the Legal Guarantee, the User must reimburse all incurred expenses. The Company will notify the User if this is the case.

12.8 The User understands and accepts that any damages or defect they have caused through product misuse is not recognised under the Legal Guarantee.

12.9 The Guarantee does not apply to products that have been gifted, lent, or received gratuitously in any form.

12.10 The 24 month Guarantee is exclusively reserved for physical Customers purchasing the product for private use; all commercial, artisanal, or professional use falls under a Legal Guarantee of 12 months.

13. Right to withdraw

13.1 The User has the right to withdraw from the Contract within 14 days of conclusion or 14 days after the product has been delivered to the User or a third party representing the User. Anytime the User has purchased multiple products in a single order, the 14 day period begins as soon as the User or a third party representing the User has received the final product from the single order.

13.2 The User must clearly announce their intention to evoke the right to withdraw from the Contract by notifying the Company using the following contact: The User can utilize the pre-prepared withdraw form found at this link.

13.3 The User can respect the withdraw time period by communicating their intent to withdraw before the end of the 14 day period. The Company, upon receipt, will verify if the withdraw period has been respected, and send an email of confirmation.

13.4 Subject to art. 13.6, 13.7. e 13.8, the User will receive a reimbursement of payment made to the Company, excluding the User’s eventual choice of shipping methods differing from those standard methods utilised by the Company. The reimbursement will arrive 14 days, without excess delays, from the moment the product is delivered to the Company’s warehouse, and has been inspected and verified for return. The reimbursement will respect the User’s original payment method unless expressly communicated to the Company. The User will incur no further costs.

13.5 Unless the Company has agreed to pick up the requested returned goods, the User must return the goods without undue delay within 14 days from the moment they communicated the intention to request withdraw from the Contract. The time period has been honoured if the User ships the goods to the following address within 14 days:

00071, POMEZIA (RM)

The User must is responsible for shipping costs unless expressly communicated by the Company. The Company can suspend the full reimbursement of product price until the User has verified the return or the products are received, whichever comes first.

13.6 The User must return products in their original state with labels intact, and the original packaging and internal wrapping.

13.7 All products must be returned in their original state. Products returned without the original packaging cannot be reimbursed. Please do not damage the packaging, as it is an integral part of the product.

13.8 The Company can deny acceptance of the User’s request of withdraw or reimbursement if the products have been altered, or the packaging and labels have been damaged.

14. Protection of Personal Information

14.1 The Company treats the User’s personal information according to the methods and motives stated in the Privacy Information found here:

15. Customer Service

15.1 The User can contact our Customer Service department for information, assistance, or return requests, using the following information:

Slamp SpA, via Vaccareccia 12/14, 00071 Pomezia (RM)
Tel : 39 06 91623926

16. Online Resolution of Disputes

16.1 The User can utilise the Commissione Europea’s platform for online sales disputes (“Piattaforma ODR”). The Piattaforma ODR can help the User and Company resolve any online purchasing dispute as a neutral party. The platform can be found here:

17. Applicable laws and governing body

17.1 Any dispute concerning the General Sales Conditions and/or the Contract will be subject exclusively to Italian law, apart applicable international legislation. The presiding court over any matter or dispute will be Rome’s Courthouse.