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The Puritycapsule can be placed in any space; it needs a flat surface and access to an electrical plug.

The Puritycapsule uses UV-C technology to eliminate 99.99% of the Sars-Cov2 virus and other bacterial strains. For more information, see this page.

All materials can be cleansed. Stress tests that simulated 15 years of Puritycapsule use, a total of 11.520 cycles, showed no signs of wear on a variety of materials.

No. The Puritycapsule’s dome and interior have a silver mirrored finish that evenly distributes the UV-C rays, cleansing the objects uniformly

No. The cleansing cycle has been tested by the Università degli studi di Siena, and proven to pose no photo-biological risks thanks to the patented metallisation of the dome’s interior. The Puritycapsule has an additional safety system that deactivates the disinfection cycle should the dome be disturbed or lifted during the process.


The guarantee lasts 24 months from the purchase date. If you selected the formal invoice option, the guarantee lasts 12 months from the purchase date (refer to the General Sales Conditions, art. 13).

The Puritycapsule can be cleaned with a slightly damp soft cloth. Never use acetone, alcohol, trichlorethylene, ammonia, or any products that contain even traces of these elements to clean the lamp. Do not use powder soaps, abrasive pastes, or rough sponges or cloths to clean the dome and metallic elements. The natural and varnished metallic elements can be cleaned with a slightly damp soft cloth, then dried with another soft cloth.


Yes. The complimentary UV-C bulb is included, and must be installed according to the instructions within the lamp’s packaging.

Yes. The UV-C (254NM) TECHNOLOGY, 11W 2G7 – 8000 HOUR DURATION bulb can be substituted if any issues with the original bulb occur. The bulb must have the same technical parameters as stated within the original packaging.

Yes. The courtesy light can be used for decorative illumination separately from the cleansing cycle bulb.

The complimentary bulb is a G9 LED BULB (5W – 30.000 hour duration), and can be easily found on the market.